2022 is the Year of Resilience!

The past couple of years has been challenging for many. To tip the top of the iceberg, we are entering 2022 with newfound skills of hope and perseverance due to enduring the wrath of the new omicron COVID strain. The ability to sustain the test of sanity, and the inability to socialize during 2021, is a feat all on its own; the need to look at the positives will outweigh the bad experiences that tagged along with the first round of COVID. The slight positive notions that came, such as a glimpse of normalcy with businesses opening, activities resuming, and lessened restrictions, gave the world hope. Now more than ever, the world is looking for an opportunity to come back stronger than ever. The evidence of the worlds’ endurance proves the skills possessed to continue. There are a few who need more help than others. The construction of resilience in people is now a skill everyone must be exposed to move ahead. Below is a list of what you can do to assist in building strength in others.

Model Positivity: When a challenge is presented, model a “can do” attitude.

Praise often: Make sure to point out and comment on all the good things a person is doing to reinforce success. Everyone loves to feel the recognition.

Frame positive connections: Encourage positive, solid, and loving relationships with loved ones and friends.

Goal setting: Make setting goals normal and set realistic goals to work towards.

Turn problems into opportunities: Taking disappointment right after another is demanding already. Show a different perspective on challenges and turn them into opportunities to learn and grow.

Self-Care: To keep fighting the good fight and maintain self-care is a priority. Take time to find a sense of inner peace and relax.

Selfless service: Empower them to find worth in giving to others in need.

Remember, there are always opportunities to grow, and these are a few ways to keep going. In many cases, the comeback is more fruitful than the setback.