How to Have A Stress Free Holiday

All is festive during the holidays with friends and families – people picture the smiles, laughter, and good food, but the holiday season can also bring out the worst of times for many. Believe it or not, many people experience high levels of stress, anxiety, and depression as soon as November comes around.

Gift-giving is one of the most remembered aspects of the holidays, and the pressure of the increased financial burden due to the costs of traveling, gifts, and hosting can take a toll on some.

Visiting loved ones can be overwhelming for others who have to prioritize the number of parties and people to adjust to at each party. The worrying of the stressful situation can spread to affecting everyday activities or responsibilities.

Loneliness can significantly contribute to the stress, anxiety, and depression that can plague a person’s holiday season. Some people may have no family or friends to share the holidays with.

Here are some tips for tackling these challenges during this holiday season.

  • Attend Therapy
  • Practice Mindfulness – Meditation
  • Avoid Drugs and Alcohol
  • Take a Neighborhood walk
  • Be honest with yourself and set realistic expectations.

To possess the ability to maintain and manage mental illness is challenging in every way, but the holiday season can heighten the challenge.

Remember, when the feeling of isolation becomes a struggle, you are not alone. It is ok to need help but, more importantly, to actively get the help you need.