Healing Through the Arts

Did you know that using art as a coping tool is found to be especially helpful for individuals who struggle with self-harm or chronic depression and anxiety?

What is art therapy and how can it help? Art therapy is a complementary form of therapy that assists in a therapeutic outcome to grow in expression and communication. Art therapy along with medication management is a well-rounded treatment option that stabilizes compliancy.

What you should know about art therapy is:

  • No experience is necessary to participate.
  • It’s judgment free
  • It’s a form of expression.
  • It helps with depression and anxiety.

Art therapy allows for creativity, expression, and an avenue to explore. When overwhelmed with anxiety and fear, art therapy permits you the freedom to be guided through your thoughts, allowing engagement, whereas, through talk therapy, you may remain reluctant to talk. Art provides an area to vent fears and deeper thoughts in a relaxed state of being. Thus, significantly improving the mood and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Many people search for alternative methods of treatment that coincide with medication management or management of a mental illness in general. Art therapy fits the bill in many areas for those on a quest for whole health and well-being.