Tis the Season for the Gift of Giving!

Tis the season for the gift of giving! SSBH has sought to optimize our skills and resources to bring better programs suitable for our community. We have added days of availability to one of our programs, implemented trauma-informed therapeutic programming throughout the hospital, and soon providing a new service, GeneSight. SSBH’s IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) now operates seven days a week. The newly added weekend availability to the program has opened doors for many patients balancing work and self-care. The IOP service is a 4-week program, offering a morning (9 am-12 pm) session and an afternoon (3 pm-6 pm) session. Participants can attend 3-days out of the week, including the option of the weekends to better suit their lifestyle. We must continue to serve the community in a balanced manner to provide an optimal treatment experience.

The patient care experience is essential to the quality and continuity of care for patients and their families. Mental health care has changed its outlook at SSBH. Our new program implementation has been a game-changing experience taking crisis stabilization to the next level. The 14-day program has been “life-changing” for many patients and has inspired those waiting to receive the help they deserve take the next step. Our trauma-informed program is based on stress management, identity, communication, coping skills, empowerment, emotional wellness, and reflection. Each person moving through the healing journey is encouraged and empowered to do the “work” to achieve the desired outcome. This program has been beneficial for both staff and patients alike, allowing both to participate and engage, resulting in a therapeutic community.

At SSBH we are hyper focused on advancing our patient care experience, and another way we thought to do that was by incorporating GeneSight Testing. GeneSight is a non-invasive procedure to provide analytical results that may affect medication outcomes, this service is beneficial for both the patient and the doctor. The result will inform the doctor how well the patient will respond to the medication treatment. The GeneSight service will positively add to the patient care experience at SSBH.

We will continue to give the gift of great care to all – our patients, families, and community! We will strive to advance the patient care experience by serving people, empowering people, and inspiring hope during this holiday season and every day.